Tuesday, October 26

One Score and Five Years

My birthday was fantasic. I like to believe the festivities began when I left work on Saturday afternoon. Saturday was the annual Scary Movie Night at my one of my favorite family's house.  I think I watched 4 movies. I can't remember what the titles are. Though the evening ended at 1am Sunday morning with Trick or Treat. Then on Sunday I went to Cracker Barrel for the second time this month. I love that restaurant. I still have some bisciuts in the fridge.

On Sunday night we had "Sunday Night Dinner". It was great. We had a wake for me. I love that my friends will celebrate my dark humor, even if they do not always understand it. I loved the decorations, all black. But the best part of the evening was the HOMEMADE PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE. (They love me!) After devouring a giant piece of cheesecake, I made my way to party number 2 at IHOP with my favorit ladies. We had a wonderful time minus the awkward server. But she increased our laughter. After IHOP, I watch some of some Jason movie.

On Monday morning I woke up to Alice, the weiner dog licking my face, more specifically my nose. (But I was glad I was not awakened by fireworks.) I eventually made my way to work. Although it was slow, I had some delicious homemade carrot cake. After work I went to BJ's with the Marletts and Stories. Although we were a little rushed, I had a great time. The best part of the cookie and ice cream dessert. Delicious.

Basically, my birthday was perfect because I have the best friends.

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