Tuesday, March 15

4.5 months . . . Well

So a great deal of life has happened in the last 4.5 months. I have had two new jobs. One dreadful. One amazing. Looking back over the last 4.5 months (or year) so much has happened, so much has been learned. I have learned more fully what it means to have faith. I recognized in myself a great deal of untapped potential for understand and knowledge. I have noticed that I often settle for the easier way (less effective), due to the fear of failure. I cannot stand the thought of failing. It is in this that I realize I need to change my thinking. For when we say, "I cannot stand . . ." it becomes much easier to go the opposite direction. Furthermore, in this, I that failure is more than not completely a goal but wasting time. Lost time is something that can never be replaced. So much more could have been accomplished in the short 25 year and 4.5 months of my life.

When did I allow this "dark passenger" I like to call "passiveness". The idea that I must deal with this without complaint because this is the lot that I have choosen in life, that I have to fully accept the consequences for my lack of preparedness and hasty decision without even a hint of grumbling. Although, I wish I could have learned this lesson, if you will, in a less dramatic way, but alas, I am dramatic. As Mr. Harris would say, "You have an over active imagination." At least that can be used to benefit.

Anyway. I work at NOVO Ministries. Check it out.

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