Saturday, August 8

The Pinnacle of Life

So . . . Grand Dad is right. Twenty-four is not the pinnacle of life. If this is the top then what do I have to look forward to. I am not even married. According to that guy who does the "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage", married people are happier, healthier, and wealthier. I guess that means there is something. Oh and then there is always the Peace Corps, getting a Master of Art or Philosophy in Intercultural Studies or Intercultural Relations or Counseling or Theology or Leadership, living in Colorado when I grow up, living in Spain for a year, traveling to at least 75% of the countries in the world, speaking at a venue with over 10,000 people, my lucrative musical career, my life as a vagabond, living in the woods for a few months, getting married in 2012 (or some other future date), being on television, writing a book, writing a fiction book, paying off all my student loans within 12 years of graduating college, getting another tattoo, getting my nose pierced again, smoking cigars at 85 years old, having a scotch on the rocks, knowing how to properly order a drink with gin, inventing something, and being a comfortable size 14 or a tight 12.

The pinnacle of life is death for me.
  • When I die, I know that I will have the rest of forever to praise God (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).
  • When I die, it will have been after I accomplish every goal I have set out to complete.

I wonder what people will remember about me after I die. I hope people don't remember all not-so-funny jokes I attempt. Some times my humor is drier than a glass of Bordeaux. To me it is absolutely hilarious. Anyway.

Twenty-five can't be the end of life. I may have accomplished many things, but no where near all that I want to do, or that I feel called to do. I mean I just received my diploma from MACU this week, silly communication mishap.

At the very lease the pinnacle of life cannot come before marriage, that would be awful. Since I will be 24-26 while I am away, I won't be getting before 26. (Here's hoping it's before 30. But I won't settle. Promise.) Therefore being 25 is not practically dead and 24 is the pinnacle of life.

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