Friday, March 27

RIP Re-re

The photo doesn't really do her coloring justice. I like to call that color shiny poo green. If you look closely you can see the same green on the hubcaps. Also you cannot see the rear window (it is in the backseat), but she had a Plymoth logo tramp Stamp.

Dream Car #1
1988-1991 Toyota Camry with a Standard Tranmission

Color: Navy Blue or Pink (see next car)

I am not sure what make and model this is but the color is incredible.

Audi offers this custom color. Powdery Metallic Pink.

Take the Audi pink color and put it on this Nissan 350Z and call it fabulous! Or a bright blue.

Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie with a 8.2ft bed 6.7L CumminsTurbo Diesel Standard Transmission
Color: Metallic Blue (or Pink, but I think Danny would kill me. How incredible would it be to have a pink truck (Bubble Gum Pink). Then I could buy myself a super cute pink rifle. I am for it.)

BMW 135i Coupe in Metalic Navy with grey leather interior

My favorite car. A green woody wagon. I don't know why this car didn't last.
Another favorite: 1955 Chevrolet Truck

Now if you know anyone selling one of this vehicles for around $1500.00, let me know. I am totally interested.

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  1. VERY nice choice on the last one. Although, my fave is the '54.