Tuesday, March 31

Peace Corps

While I was sipping my latte, I began to think about all that I will miss when I am doing my Peace Corps service.

Lattes - Espresso, non-fat milk, sugar (1/2) and ice. So good!!

Dr. Pepper - 23 flavors combined to create a drink from the heavens.

Internet - It is unlikely that I will have Internet access while I am gone. :(

Water - H2O on the rocks with a twist

My pink purse - I have grown rather fond of the canvas and leather bag with zippers.

Books - Hundreds of books just waiting to be read, they can't all go with me.

Photos - Stealing a moment in time, capturing it on film (or in pixels) is one of my favorite things.
Post-It's - I don't know why, but I love them. They are genius.

I-pod - There is nothing better then falling asleep listening to some of the greats: Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin, Kris Olson, Jason Upton, Jadon Lavik, U2, Aerosmith . . .

Chocolate - really good, really expensive, really dark chocolate

Ice Cream - Actually ice cream, custard, and gelato

Cheese - depending on where I go, probably most dairy products......skim milk :(

Pretty Cars - Not that I owe one, but I enjoy looking at them . . . cars, trucks, motorcycles . . . ooh shiny.

Gap - and Eddie Bauer. Buying new clothes helps on those days when you want to shoot someone.

Sushi - It will definitely be a change from having it at least once a week.

Traffic lights and multi-lane highways - I know this is weird, but I enjoying watching cars. It is almost as if they are dancing.

Movies - hold on, I know. You are thinking, "Nevan doesn't do movies." But I have developed a certain fondness for watching new movies. I will never a Brian, Crystal, Amanda, Bryan, Cheryl, Kris, or my mom but that doesn't mean I won't miss them.

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