Tuesday, August 21

O- / CB- Donor

It has been a great deal of time since my last post. I am sorry. I know you are dying to know what I have to say next. I know you are thinking "Will it change my life?" or "When will I laugh again?". But no worries, dear ones, I am blogging today from Beatnix. My one of favorite coffee shops in OKC.

Some know that the past 5 months of my life have a whirlwind experience. But enough about that.

Recently, I visited a beloved friend in the great State of Florida. She happened to have this little book called, "Eat Right 4 Your Type". I had heard of this book from another friend about 5 years ago. But was not willing to invest the money to buy the book myself. So I ignored that gems inside. I limited myself to the information I could find online. Bah!

Anyway. I picked it up read some of it. Listened to my friend's stories of how eating properly for her unique chemistry has changed her life. My interest in this book for the purpose of losing weight suddenly changed into a medical need. See, I have had weird stomach pains for years that were greatly aggravated by my Peace Corps experience. I decided while I was in Florida that I want a new normal. I don't want groggy, dull achy Nevan to be the normal. I want the fun, energized Nevan to be the norm.

This doctor, Dr. D'Adamo, hypothesized that eating foods that compliment your bodies chemistry, your blood type, that your health will improve and your body will find its normal. (Basically)

Subject: Nevan
Type: O
Diet: Meat and Vegetables for optimal health

Check it.
I have been following the recommended diet for about two weeks. I ran the other night. I ran. I ran without death.
I have been diagnosed with asthma for about 20 years. 20 years! And I ran. It was good and wonderful and my new addiction.
I am not going to be all ridiculous and run a marathon in 6 weeks. I am starting slow, despite that fact that I want to just run. I am not sure my poor knees can handle that.

In this book, Dr. D'Adamo says that eating right for your chemistry can help you lose weight and fix medical issues like asthma and arthritis. Why? Because the different lectin in diffferent food react to your blood type differently. For instance, Type O does not respond well to gluten and legumes. The lectins kind glue themselves to the muscles and such cause one to feel groggy. It slows the metabolism, cause weight gain, asthma and other health issues.

One day, I may stop drinking coffee to rid myself completely of the stomach pain. But for now, nope. It is not too bad if I use soy instead of cream. 


  1. So, you're saying half marathon the end of April, right?!?!

    I'm glad this is working for you!!!

    1. Possibly! Here's hoping. We will see how training goes. :)