Saturday, June 25

i love you . . .

i won't pimp you for my own personal gain.


Last night I was able to spend some much needed time with two of my dearest friends. We laughed. It was beautiful. Over the last seven years, our lives have intertwined in an intricate tapestry more valuable than any one person could afford (two, maybe). The buds of our lives have flourished into individual blossoms of life. Family, ministry, service - has drawn us out of the comfort of the familiar into the vast world around us. The journeys would not have been the same without these friendships.

I love how the Lord bring people into my life, each one providing unique blossoms into the great garden that is my life.  Some may look similar - but don't be fooled, take a closer look, each has his/her own intricacies. The people are the vibrancy of life. Individually, I may be alright - like a daisy. Add in some black-eyed susan, native violets, and some greenery - that's when things start to become interesting.

I wonder how God comes up with so many variations. I want someone to try to prove God did not create creativity.

Now - more coffee.

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