Wednesday, May 25

More on Education

I like to learn something everyday. Sometimes it is little, like the favorite color of a friend or a random fact. Pero - sometimes it is huge - earth shattering, even. This happened. I learned something -  something about myself that has changed my world. Years ago someone told me that I am good writer. I chose not to believe him. I had already decided years before that writing was not really my cup of tea. It was my freshman year of college during or shortly after my first college level English class. I earned a D.
I may be blame absences or whatever, but the fact is I never received a decent grade on any paper the whole semester.  (Here's a secret: I say that I didn't do homework. But that fact is I do, with exception for math classes for I do not like to waste my time*. I just don't always turn it in.) See, my last year in high school I had some amazing teachers who inspired me to want to write. I liked writing. Then college happened. I was a baby writer at that point, trying to find my style.  It was at this time that I chose to not be a writer.

I know. I have a blog. I had a xanga page. I get it. Regardless, writing is scary.

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At work I have been developing curriculum for tutoring. I started doing it to provide an excellent (or at least decent) tutoring time at my site. Left turn at email the boss, and know I am working on developing a few hundred lessons. Don't be too impressed it is a long project with various people working it. Either way, I submitted my first six lessons on Monday. Shortly thereafter my boss told me the lessons were excellent. Perhaps it was not the actual writing that is good- editing is not my friend. I will take the compliment on having good ideas. Grammar is one thing - but ideas cannot be taught. I was excited. 

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  1. And I was very VERY excited.

    I believed I referred to you as a "gold mine" while Liv and I were discussing tutoring curriculum. :)