Saturday, May 14


Some one once said to me "Don't let schooling interfere with your education." Which was great advice while I was in school, but now I haven't this excuse. In the last two and half years since ending my 22 year career of being a "student" I feel as if I almost wasted the thousands of dollars spent on my degrees. Not that this deters me from wanting go back to a Master's degree. However, I reflect positively on my "life experience" opportunity before going back to school. Going straight from undergrad schooling to graduate level work without this break would have, in my opinion, been a severe waste of money. I cannot imagine living for 26-27 years with 25 years of school and have such limited opportunity to use it. What is the value in that? What is the point of gaining knowledge without allowing the skills and information to overflow from to you?

I dare to say that it would have been a selfish move to continue in schooling. I spent years learning God's Word and how to care for people, yet had I not stopped "learning" to do it, what would the point have been. Not that I even ceased to exist in a community while in school, but the realization and actualization of my "education" over the last two and half years has been incredible.

One day I shall return to the campus of a university and work toward earning a Masters degree, but what would the point be if did not take the time to understand the people I say I love and desire to serve. If I choose not to learn first hand how people behave and respond, I have wasted a lot of money and, more importantly, time.

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