Saturday, August 21

The Struggles of a Waitress

*I want to start by saying that I know other occupations can have tough times especially when the job is serving other people in some capacity.*

However, tonight I am talking about me. I will because I can. Voy a hablar sobre mi porque puedo. As a server, I am tested every time I work to have faith the God will sustain all of my needs. Sometimes it does not matter how kind one is or how perfect the interchange was, some people just do not tip well. For those who do not know, servers (not including carhops) in Oklahoma recieve $2.13/hour as base pay. Minium wage is $7.25. Last night I worked for five hours. I earned about $25 in tips, minus tip share I left with $23. Divide that by five hours, add my base pay, and you will see I earned $6.73/hour. I am not complaining about it. It was a slow night. I am simply saying it is hard to trust God.

Another reason being a server is a struggle for me, is the attitude the goes with territory. The attitude from customers and cohorts. Not all customers and not all cohorts, but even one tack in the bottom of your foot makes it hard to walk. I don't smoke, but there are times I want a smoke break while working. Not to smoke a cig, but sip a diet coke and ask God to give me grace, patience and love. Some times I just want to take 5 minutes to let off some smoke. I think I am going to start taking smoke breaks. It is hard to do right when you are being slapped in the face everytime you turn around.

Reason three: The best times to work at the best times spend with friends and family. That is hard for me. I love being able to spend time with my favorites. But with opposite schedules it is difficult. If I spend much time thinking abou this, I may cry. However, sometimes they surprise you by dropping in to say "hello" :) That is my favorite. It makes my heart warm to know people care about me enough to let me know they are thinking about me. *Props to the Marks, Andy, Lynne, Bodie, and Tek for stopping by after gelato to just say "hi".*

I am not looking for sympathy or pity. I am simply sharing my thoughts from the car ride home as I listened to "Me viniste a mi recatar" (Came to my Rescue by Hillsong United) and "Amazing Love" (by Christy Nockels?)

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