Saturday, August 14

Friday the 13th

I feel as if I should blog. But I do not have anything worthwhile to say. I did not get the job at Farmer's Insurance. I was not given an actual reason. Whatever. It is not something I am going to cry over.

Today was a good day. It felt like a weekend. I went to coffee with a great friend. I went to Target twice. Ate a bunch of dessert (and more coffee) at the cafe in Barnes and Noble with Amanda and Bryan. Then we went through the children's book section. It was so much fun reminiscing over the books we had read as children, like The Fire Cat, Morris the Moose, Miss Nelson is Missing, Amelia Bedelia, and  all those great colorful books by Eric Carle. Sometimes you don't realize how much of an impact simple things had on your life. On our way to Crest Market, Amand and I read our new books outloud to each other.

When I have children, we are definitly going to make regular trips to library.

We didn't watch any scary movies tonight, even though Bryan and I kept saying that we should. Though we did venture to Crest Market at 10 P.M. I also wore my corte (a Guatemalan skirt) today. I love that thing.

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  1. I totally agree about the library thing!! That's where we got most of our books as kids and I still remember so many of them, too. Bode will be going to the library as he gets older for story corners, activities, etc. SO much fun!!!