Monday, April 12

Something that came to me the day in the shower . . . just slightly expanded

What do you think about legislating compassion and good works? Is it beneficial to make doing good a legal requirement? How does that change the action? Does it lose something in that? Should only "laws" be more the "don't do this" instead of the "you must do this" type?

I think if we legislate kindness we strip it of its value. I am all about helping people.

As a child if I shared my special treat with my brother that I bought with the money I earned , my parents would have said, "Nevan, that is generous act of kindness. We are proud that you choose to do that." However, if I didn't share the special treat I earned I was not sent to my room for being a bad sister. If I had been reprimanded for my lack of kindness, then the next time I had the opportunity to be kind I would have done it out of fear of reprimand, not of the love for my brother and the joy of giving.

In this I am reminded of God's grace. It is not by good works that we are saved, but through his loving kindness. It is out of the love He bestowed on us that we desire to do good and share kindness with others. Being good out of the fear of going to hell is not beneficial.

If you were hungry and I made you sandwich while grumbling, "Since I have to", you would feel as if I served you. (Unless you are narcissistic.)

If you were hungry and I made you sandwich while I enjoyed a conversation with you, you would leave feeling worthy. If then I made you sandwich for later, how much more would that bring joy to your heart. Then later when you decide to eat that second sandwich, you be remember that I cared for you. And I would be thankful that you were able to eat again. But if you took that sandwich and shared it another while sharing the kindness bestowed to you, I would be even that much more thankful, for two got be satisfied instead of one.

I must go get ready for the rest of my day.

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