Tuesday, April 13

Fear and Trembling

It is starting to feel real. Today I received the schedule for the first 3 days in Guatemala. Let's just say that I have a lot to do in the next 13 days, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then I need to convince myself that I have the ability to do this.

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  1. What day do you leave, and what time? I was wondering if I could come to the airport with you possible, if my boss lets me off. I was thinking about you being gone for two years the past two nights. i haven't been able to sleep much. I will miss you so much and it will just be so weird without you here. Ive had the privilege and blessing to have you in my life for like 6 year now.
    I'm so proud of you Nevan, for having the courage and faith to take this journey, also you have grown so much and have taught me so much as well.
    You better get me your address down there asap when you get there so I can start writing you letters. I want to know all about your experiences there, bad or could, hard, or encouraging. I love you and will miss you. have fun with your family, see you soon.