Monday, February 22

I have a dream . . .

At some point in life we all have "a dream". A dream of greatness. Some times those dreams change or you realize that what you that was greatness is something totally different. Then there are times when one sits at the bottom of Dream Mountain, excited for the greatness that is to come through the trials and trails ahead. One feels many emotions flooding her soul. Happiness, fear, excitement, a bit of sadness, elated . . . to continue on the path towards one's dream . . . is scary to say the least.

I am beginning to understand new perspectives in life. I hadn't consider in my thinking how easy it is to NOT do something out of the fear that "I am not capable". I know I have thought this before. It is as simple as "muffins" and "pie". Here I am about to embark on a journey. I want to, no doubt there. However doubt comes in "Can I do this?" "Am I physically capable?" I understand how someone can set their eyes, their heart on a goal and never let it come to fruition because of this fear that he/she is not capable of completing. It would be so easy to stay here. For me, I cannot imagine living the regrets of not continuing on the path I have started on. There have been many things I have wanted to try in my life, things I will still do. I think I would have to life 10 life times to experience all that I want to do, all that I want to become great at. I could waste my entire life, still wanting, still looking forward and never experiencing life in the moment it was meant to be lived, now.

Yesterday has a lesson to be learned. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I think I can bake muffins. check
I think I can make a cake from scratch. check
I think I can cook soup. check
I think I can run 5k. half check
I think I can make a tiered cake with interesting flavors and fondant. check
I think I can drive from Florida to Oklahoma in 28 hours by myself and get some sleep. check
I think I can raise enough money to go to Honduras. check
I think I can walk 8 miles in flip-flops and a dress. regretfully check
I think I know how to get there. check
I think I earn a bachelors degree. check
I think I can write a book.
I think I survive the Peace Corps.
I think I can make a difference.
I think I can make tamales. check
I think I can make manicotti. check
I think I can keep my room clean. nope
I think I can put this in the microwave.  mostly check
I think I can do everything. nope
I think I can snowboard.
I think I can run a 10 minute mile.
I think I can go blonde.
I think I can look good with short hair. check
I think I can take photos like that. partial check
I think I can make jewelry like that. check
That looks easy, I am going to do that . . . 

Once I conquered the muffins, the world was mine. At least I thought, then along came pie. After years of fear and anguish, I conquered the as well.

Patience, practice, attitude, think.

How often do we shy from God's calling because we are scared of the cost of greatness? I laugh at the thought that going to grad school would have been the easy road for me.

Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to thee.

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