Thursday, December 31

Sometimes I just want to cuss. I know, terrible, right. Let's be honest. I'm not perfect by any means of the imagination. And I have had said a few words recently, though I am not going argue about the "appropriateness" of saying them.

Either way. Here is a picture of Makhi trying to decide if he like Daddy's new phone as Aunt Nevie is trying to make him be soothed.

Another Christmas has come and gone. I think this was a good one. I am rarely disappointed with fact that Jesus was born. By rarely, I mean never. It is an incredibly humbling event. That God came to Earth to become human to fully experience life (temptation and pain, the whole bit) AND take the consequences for sin (death). Awe, astonishment. He came, was beaten, and died so that we do not have to spend the rest of forever in damnation. All I can do to say "thank you" is give Him my life, every piece, every bit.

Now back to that cussing thing. Yeah, sometimes I want to say vulgar things. Sometime I want to drink some alcohol. Some times I want to yell at people. Some times I want to smoke a good cigarette. Some times I don't want to take responsibility for my actions. Some times I want to live a "easy" life. Some time I want to be selfish. I'd be lying if I said that everyday I didn't have some conversation with myself about selfishness.

In James, it is written that "faith without works is dead".
I have been reading Joshua. God asked his people, the Israelites, to do some pretty "out there" things. Circumcision for all the guys, they weren't all eight days old. I cannot imagine what those men must have been thinking, "Um, really Joshua, is that what God said? I think I will have to ask Him myself.....Oh, yeah, God, really, that. Are you sure?" I imagine there was some hesitation. Then there little army destroyed many cities. They destroyed the first by marching around the city walls several times over several days. Talk about faith. God said don't do this, they did it. They had to suffer the ramifications of it. God said do this, they do. They had to enjoy the fruits of there labors.

Basically, I think what I am trying to get at is there are things I choose not to do for the benefit something greater than myself.  When I was a child, my parents told me not to play with fire so that I would not get burned. God tells us that although all things may be permissible, not all are beneficial. God tells us not to play with sin or we will get burned. (Sorry for the pun.) Would God love me less if I cussed? No. Would my love for Him be less evident? Yes. Could more get accomplished if I rid myself of hindrances? Yes.
I guess this is how I am saying that I am making an effort to develop my faith in God. I don't know if God "gives" faith. To mean faith seems like my response to the situations that come up in life. I think God gives  the security to know that faith in Him is rooted in something the never fails but always prevails. From Abraham to Moses to Joshua to Paul to the millions that have gone before me, I know that God has stood the test of time. (Seeing how he created time.)

More specifically, the issue of faith has come to my mind in the area of my future. I know that if I trust God in the little steps I take everyday, that when it comes to the Peace Corps and other major life events that could be happening to me in the next 100 years it will be good. It will the adventure that God desires for my life. The adventure that I desire for my life.  I am also learning that "selflessness" is not suffering.

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