Saturday, October 3

Some things I would like to know.....

Why does a high school football team need a police escort? As far as I know no one is trying to destroy the entire team. However I don't think I would be surprised. Football in Oklahoma is taken WAY too seriously. It is a game. These are kids. Let them be kids. And, is this really to most important place to be putting the money and energy when we have kids graduating high school that do not know how to read beyond a 3rd grade level. That is ridiculous.

Why do American need a $8500 tax credit for own an a pet?? Really. How much of break do one get for having a child? I don't know for sure, but last time I checked children cost more than cats, dogs, rodents, and reptiles.

And finally what the beans is up with Classen Blvd. in Oklahoma City? Did someone really think that was a good idea? Seriously? It's like "hey, I'm driving, driving down NW 50th" then boom, out of nowhere the street ends and you have to turn around. Really? That is stupid.

Little old ladies are cute esspecially when they order a large gelato! I can't finish a large. I am impressed.

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