Saturday, September 5

It seems like forever since I last posted. Nothing super exciting has really happened since then.
I bought a chino blazer from Eddie Bauer that should be here today. I also paid my rent.  Oh and my loan company sent me notification that must start payment on my loans. The funny part is that I my first due date was in July. I have already made several payments. Then randomly in the last month over $1000 in interest was capitalized. Though three months ago, none was capitalized.  Basically, I have decided that Nelnet SUCKS at communitcation. On my last statement it says I owe $260ish by 9/15, my online account summary says I owe $330 by 10/15. I don't get it.   I have been paying ahead so it is not that big of a deal, however it is seriously annoying. I wish they would sell my loans to the Department of Education. They are super easy to understand and are 1000x nicer when I call. Ugh.  The way it looks from here is that I will be dealing with Nelnet for atleast the next 10 years!! Annoying.

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