Saturday, September 12

Insert Angry and Cynical Post Here

However I have been serenaded by the Dixie Chicks via Christy's blog. The lullaby song is wonderful. "How long do you want to be loved? Is forever enough? Is forever enough? Because I am never never givin' you up."

A few open notes: (The intended recipient is not important, so don't waste you time trying analyze.)

"You have three years from today to figure it out."

"I'm glad the $400 was well spent." (sarcastic)

"Do I love you for 'who' you are or 'what' you do for me?

"You are fabulous, wonderful, delightful. I am glad you were there. Tomorrow would be just awful had you not been there tonight."

"I am hope our friendship mends. I hope the patch makes it stronger"

"Thanks you calming my nerves with the sweet taste of pecans and chocolate."

"Thank you for providing. Sorry that I have failed you today."

"Please just hold me. Please be there when I get home to wrap your arms around me and play with my hair."

"Your coffee is terrible."

"Will you think I am lazy if I don't show up?"

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gracias."

"Why did you have go and change the flavor? I forge through two seasons with Cinnamon Dolce, you as my focus. You were perfect. Now you are terrible. I hate you. I am repulsed by your taste. I loved you. And this is how you treat me. You deserve to be that ugly orange/brown/vomit color over there on that counter. Though I, too, am a sell out (because of you). I waited for you."

"Don't quit your day job."

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