Wednesday, August 5

So . . . this is my friend, Jeff. I just felt like sharing. He is in China serving with the Peace Corps. In about one month, he will be moving from Chengdu (sp?) to Panzhihua City to work at the Panzhihua University teaching English.

We met at MACU through Professor Sanders and Professor Seaton. During our cross country team practice, it was discovered that he and I share an interest in working with people overseas.

We spent many hours talking about how nerve wrecking it is to serve in the Peace Corps. I look forward to comparing notes about service the Peace Corps. As I will be working with patients dying of AIDS in South America.

He is the first MACU student to join the Peace Corps. (He graduated OPSU.)

I am the first MACU Alumni to join the Peace Corps.

Perhaps my next post will be contain my thoughts on doing the dishes. I am unsure at this point.

This photo is from the Six Flags trip that we took with our Jr. High Students. Some of our group had trouble figuring out which way to look.
The guy in the red cape is Lee Brown, my co-pastor. The little ones are 20% of our Jr. High students. In total our group left with 9 superhero capes. Though not everyone of us is nerdy, a good portion enjoy things such as hero clix, comic books, and superheroes.
Of course, my favorite is Wonder Woman, followed closely by Superman and Supergirl, hence the cape I am wearing.
From I moment I laid my eyes on that cape I knew I had to own it.

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