Tuesday, August 25

Make Art, Not War, Buy New Shoes

I did it. I bought a pair of TOMS. The TOMS company gives a pair of shoes to a a person in need of shoes (in foreign countries) for every pair of TOMS sold. It is a way for do gooders to feel as if they really helped someone. --Wait, I know. Call me cynical. But hear me out.--Why in the world do I need to buy another pair of shoes for $50+ when I could just buy 5 pairs of shoes and mail them to South America or Africa my self. I do not know many people that can afford to buy TOMS that really needs another pair of shoes.--Yet I bought some.--You can call me cynical or whatever now. The shoes are not terribly ugly. And really I only bought them because I had a gift card to this shoes store and couldn't find any other decent (cute, everyday, wear with jeans) shoes in my size. It quickly limits my selection to shoes styled with a guy in mind, not a young, hip female. I think the shoes I left with fit my personality.

By the way--the flag says "peace" in Italian. I bought it in Florence, Italy in 2004. And my unmade bed which normally doesn't look like that. But I have not felt well.

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