Saturday, August 22

I love this job

My job at Scotty Gelato is fabulous! I get to spend the mornings on facebook and blogger. I have spent most of this morning making my blog uber cute. If you get this via email, you should go to the webpage and check it out.

I really want to say the I am excited about being a volunteer in the Peace Corps. Yes, I am going to miss my family and friends like crazy. But how incredible is it going to be to live in South America or Africa for two years helping, serving, and hopefully, meeting the needs of people. Then bringing that experience back here to go on whatever adventure is next in my life. Like writing a book. (I will definitely need an editor, if anyone would like to sign-up for that.) I am excited to learn about another country firsthand, learn about the culture and what makes it unique while seeing and trying to understand the basic human traits that connect us all.

I know it will be difficult at times. I might even cry a few times. Or many times. You never know. The only guarentee that I have is that God will be with me every step of the way. And really, what more can I ask for? He will supply all of my needs.

For instance, I had $11 to my name on Wednesday. Which in itself is amazing, since I was expecting to have owe the bank $140 until Monday. Then have just enough to pay the next bill hoping that the gas in my car would last until the next weekend. While trying to figure how I would pay rent for September. Well good news! It's all good. Some how (I know how) I got enough money to cover everything, plus an extra paycheck I had forgotten, a "just because' check, and the cash from selling my "old" twin mattress set and printer.

(Due to the fact that I am a female, that explanation was 10x longer that most of you would care.)


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