Saturday, August 15

I have so many thoughts that occupy my life until I go to As soon as the page loads, the thought dissipate. Then here I am posting about nothing. At time is not terrible, but other times I get myself into trouble. I have to realize that some thoughts should remain just that, thoughts. I tend to be sarcastic. I don't mean to be. I think it is a defense mechanism to keep me from become a bowl of vanilla pudding. I'll blame it on my parents.

See, I am an introverted empathic choleric with a tendencies that mimic a melancholy who is occasionally phlegmatic and often a sanguine who can act like a extrovert to get the task completed. The question that annoys me the most is, "How are you most comfortable?" I don't know. Depends on my mood. For instance, right now, I love the silence of the empty gelato/espresso shop. I love listening to my thoughts. It is strange phenominon to have only said five sentences outloud this morning. I have been awake for over two hours, yet it seems like I have had two hours of conversation. Perhaps I have a mental defect. Some people may actually agree to this. I don't. But some may.

Now for my post. Last night I had the priviledge to spend time with my beloved adopted family, the Marlett's. Ava turned four yesterday, so we celebrated her. It was splendid. A week was far too long to not see them. But, anyway, we went to dinner at Ava's favorite restuarant of the week (or day) Taco Bueno. Delicious. Followed by a quick trip to the library to check out a few books and get Chance's summer reading prize. (He is an excellent reader. He does a good job figuring out polysyllabic words like mackerel.) Chance, 7, and Ava, 4, are really into ocean animals right now. They ended up getting a book on dolphins, whale sharks, ocean predators, and bats. Chance read his books to me as we ventured to the next stop on the Ava's Day Princess Tour of Moore, OK. The next stop was the castle park. I had always wanted to go there. I attempted once with the kids I watch, but it was too hot. Either way, we played until we were sweating, aside from Crystal. She did what every good mom does and took 10,000 pictures. I stopped after the trecherous climb up the tube slide. I was done. Then I chatted with Crystal while the Chance play "You Hide, and I will find You" with Ava and Brian. It was too funny. Ava doesn't actually hide. Once we were all super sweaty, we heady over to Rusty's Frozen Custard, where Princess Ava got a Diet Coke. However, I got two scoops of custard, one vanilla, one strawberry with gummy bears on top. Delicious. After finishing our custard, our adventure ended at Wal-Mart for Ava to spend her birthday money. A Barbie, a "My Little Pony" (I thought it was humorous), and a Littlest Pet Shop hippie turtle, Ava was set. Then Brian and Cystal decided to get Chance a bike so Ava and I played in the clothes section. It was wonderful.

On my way home, I stopped by Wal-Mart again to purchase a comforter set for my new adult-sized bed. I thought I was going to get the black and white one with flowers. But I left with one $20 cheaper with red, browns and gold colors in it. It looks great with my new 400 thread count super soft, fabulous dark red sheets.

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