Friday, March 20

Nectar of the Life

Coffee. The euphoria that takes me over when I think about sipping a good cup of joe leaves me with a sense of awe and wonder. The delicate blend of flavors, whether it be straight black coffee or a mixed drink, causes much delight. It's not the caffeine, there are pills for that. It is not the sugar, that ruins the essence of the coffee. It is how the flavors dance on my taste buds. It is the smell that reminds of spending time with my dad. It is the hours of memories throughout the years of sitting and laughing at the coffee house with friends discussing the meaning of life and creating meaning for life. That is coffee. So simple, so perfect.

I remember when I discovered the joys of coffee. As a child, I had always wanted to drink coffee. I loved the smell. My dad drank it. I wanted to be like my dad. It looked so cool. It was fall semester of my sophomore of college. I worked at Wholly Grounds, a local coffee shop. I was learning how to pull the perfect shot. I pulled four beautiful shots. A bystander darned me to drink the shots, four straight shots of espresso. Being the prideful person that I tend to be, I did it. "Hold it. Don't. You got this. No. Good." Execution. I did it. It stayed. It was like being shot in the face. Once the burned wore off, there was a delicious flavor left. Yes, it was coffee. See, this was the first time, I had good coffee. There I was a non-coffee drinker, changed, in those few moments to a coffee snob. I am okay with that label. I don't waste time on the mediocre.

Today, I enjoy a good latte or cappuccino. Some days, just a good cup of drip coffee. Mostly, I indulge in a iced non-fat flavored latte 1/2 sweet. I don't do fruity flavors often, mostly vanilla, cinnamon, or hazelnut.

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