Thursday, March 15

Spring Break

It has been a crazy semester. Friday spring break begins and on Saturday I am going to Monterray, Mexico for a mission trip. We are going to be fixing up an orphanage and various things.

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  1. Hola, Chica!!
    I hope that you decide to look at your blog! It's been a while. By that, I don't mean to nag you...I never got around to even doing one!

    Dang...I was hoping I could post a photo to you on this. Oh well.

    Now that you're officially an "old woman", the next significant birthday worth keepihng track of your age on is the dreaded 30. *BWA HA!* I hope that you get to do something fun with your friends. I'm looking forward to your blog entry about it, and hopefully a video (YouTube?). Yeah, yeah...I should do the same. Take a vid and post a link on You Tube. Mebbe I will...but I can't say when I would *get around to it*.

    Dana phoned two days ago. She was all pleased with herself for getting a birthday card in the mail to you, so perhaps it would possibly arrive in time. Yes, I know that I should have put yours in the mail right then, too. I've had it for at least a year, maybe two, since I bought them all in advance for the next 3-5 years. *sigh* Dana was even happier that she'd actually got A PRESENT for you! Whoa! May you fall out of your chair in joy when you get it!

    Later, lady!
    --Aunt Shannon