Wednesday, November 1

Hi Family

So I decided to start a blog to share my life with you because i love you. ha (it's the title).

Anyway, Oklahoma is cold but tomorrow that AC will be back on. dumb weather.
So I have been 21 for about a week now. No, i haven't gotten drunk. I don't plan on either-but I did drink a shot of SoCo with Lime.

School is going alright I guess. I have been having trouble finding the motivation to get my homework done well and on time. If you didn't know, I am an RA this year. That is a resident assistant. It is a fun job. My second job is a server at Harry Bear's American Grill and Bar. I love it. Yes, I work too much. I got that from my mom.

My dad came to visit me the weekend before my birthday. We had fun. Go-karting, video games, hat shopping, and the art district-you know the typical father/daughter bonding things.

No, I still don't have a boyfriend in case you were wondering.

Love, Nevan


  1. Nice Lips! I had wonderful time, you have so many wonderful friends and Professer, I'm very PROUD YOU!!!
    Love Your DAD!!!

  2. jeez nev!!!!!!! i miss you

  3. school will be over before you know it! you just need another vacation!! one where you actually rest and play!!

  4. Hola, Chica!
    Are you bartending, now that you are 21?

    I have your fabulous birthday card that I've had for, like, 6 months. I hope to get it in the mail soon. Before I get around to that, I am (right now) sending the kids school pix (before the house eats them). I'm sending it c/o MACU, so check your mailbox.

    Am I the only one ROFL that you're an RA? *snigger* heh heh

    Please let me know if you are road-tripping to Chicagoland anytime!

    --Aunt Shannon
    "I never let my schooling interfere with my education"