Saturday, June 11

It's Raining =)

Dear Reader,

For the past two days I have had some really great thoughts I wanted to share with you. Really, they were good. Due to the lack of internet access and the desire to sleep when I get home, I have failed you. I wanted to share about my Wednesday. For on Wednesday, I took my children to on Field Trip to an art museum and a natural history museum. The day was long. It started at 6:45 and ended around 10:30. It was hot and really cold. There was an incident with a charter bus getting stuck.  I am also pretty sure not even extra strength Febreeze is going to help my polo shirt be wearable tomorrow. (I forgot to get a second one today. Oops.) But on Wednesday I almost died. (I'm being dramatic. Just do NOT tell the student driver to turn left onto Classen BLVD from the Northwest Expressway.)

On Thursday evening, well, I was making flashcards and cutting laminated flashcards for many hours. Lucky for me I got to do with awesome people. I'm not just saying that because they might be reading my blog. For real - the best group with whom I have had the privilege to work.

I wish I could remember the analogy used in a team meeting this morning. It was really good. Oh well. I must finish this. There is only 25% power on the battery of this computer, tomorrow is a long day, and I need am getting sleepy.


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