Thursday, August 5

Now what I am suppose to do?

This morning I woke up, walked to the living room, unlocked Sookie's cage door with my foot, (Sookie is the Storie's little Yorkie.) and went about me way. I was a little surprise that she didn't follow me as she typically does, but whatever. After I finished business, I walked back to the living room to see that Sookie was still in her cage. But it was unlock and openned about an inch. She would put her paw on the door. The door would move. Then she would whine in her little dog voice, "open the door". I didn't. I just watched her. I was curious to think about how long she was going to be under the thought that she was still trapped in the cage. Pavlovian conditioning. The human condition. How ever you want to explain it, it is still the same thing. We get used to not being able to undo or change our current situation that when a door is openned we do not notice there is a way.
Jesus talks to this issues in Matthew 5:38-42. The Jewish people to whom he was talking were oppressed by the Roman citizens. They were locked in a cage, in a way. I could imagine that in that situation one would think there are only two way to go about this. Aggressively hit the door or sit passively and allow the inhumane behavior. However there is a third way to go about things.

I totally lost my train of thought. I think I have ADD. I'm going to go do the ten other things I am thinking about, maybe I'll finish one.

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