Friday, July 23

Puedes me llamar extraña . . .

Today I ventured to the new Crest in SWOKC with my friend Lorena (and her wonderful children). I must say it was beautiful. Nothing brings joy to my day like an ascetically pleasing supermarket. I thought I would not find one in the OKC metro area. But, alas, dreams really do come true. Since my adventures at Sweet Bay in Sarasota, Florida, I thought nothing could compare to this. The vibrant colors illuminating the produce department. The aisles with room for two giant shopping carts. The stained concrete floors. The soft brown and sage green color scheme throughout the store. The cleanliness of what a food store should obtain. The refrigerated items behind doors to save money on electricity. Paper sacks. Sushi. Flowers. Variety. I need all of this in a grocery store. Yes, I will pay more for beauty. I will pay more looks. I will pay more for cleanliness. I will pay more to shop in a supermarket that makes me feel at home.

Thank you new Crest Market. Cordially, thank you.

What I am going to do next?

Find a job so I can actually shop there.

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