Monday, June 14

Victory is Mine

I cleaned my plate today. At first you may be think “big deal”, but it is. When we eat bean, I do not get offered a spoon or fork. Instead I have the option of my fingers or “pan frances” and my fingers. I always opt for using the bread. I do not know your experiences in life but I imagine that you could understand that eating beans with your fingers would be a bit difficult.  The first time we had beans and eggs for dinner I got my own spoon, hoping this would start a trend. I was mistaken. The next time I attempted to eat sin cuchara. I had taken copious notes on how to eat beans and eggs without a dining utensil. It took me a million pieces of bread to get everything and my bowl still looked a mess. After the 30th time eating beans and eggs, I got it down to 4.25 pieces of “pan frances” and my bowl looked as if it was licked clean. I must say that I am thoroughly excited to have accomplished this feat with my hands staying relatively clean. No beans under my thumb nail today.
Black beans and scrambled eggs is my favorite meal and por supuesto cafe y pan dulce. However, I really want a Red Robin Cheeseburger with BBQ sauce. So those of you that have a Red Robin within a 2 hour drive, go, for me, and eat a cheeseburger, French fries with campfire sauce and Red Robin French Fry Seasoning. You will only regret it when you want to go back next week for the same thing.


  1. Done and done. Totally had a whiskey river bbq burger for my birthday burger.

    I am glad that you are adapting to everyday life. Miss you.

  2. You are aclamating quickly. Be proud of yourself. No red robin for me, but I will be eating sushi this week on your behalf. love you.