Tuesday, May 18

Camionetas, Thanksgiving, and Health Class

It was extra fun today. We get on the bus in Santa Lucia Miltas Altas. The buses tend to have a lot people on them. We notice that it is a bit crowded but decided to get on anyway. So we climb in the back. NOTE: I wore a skirt today. Which isn't always a deal, because I am long. I was the last one to get on the bus. I pull myself up with one hand, and use my free hand to hold my skirt close as to not flash the two guys standing there helping people. Because I was more worry about what was going on behind me I didn't notice how low the top of the door was. So I hit my face on the back of the bus at the same time the guy "helping" gives me a push. Translation, hand on my rear. Then as I am actually my way INTO the bus, Zach, another trainee, stops at the first seat. The helper is also closing the door. I am still crouched a bit because I had no where to go. Noticing the door closing quickly behind me, I leap forward a bit, right on top of Zach. To recap, I was violated, hit my head, violated someone and almost lost my foot all in a matter of about two seconds. But I enjoy riding the camionetas. (However my knees/upper shins have permanent bruises from the seats.)

At dinner tonight, my host my asked if I like only like pollo since I don't eat pork and rarely eat red meat (here). I told her I also like turkey. In that process, Thanksgiving gave up in conversation. Inevidably, the question of "why thanksgiving?" was asked. I spent the next five minutes trying to explain the pilgrims, native americans, and the sitaution of the typical story. I tried to explain peole traveling to N.A from England. Why? Because the king started a new church and was mean to them. Oh. Then they had no food. The native people helped them. Thanksgiving! It was fun. I laughed to myself as my host mom (who is 25) looked at somewhat confused by and somewhat interested in the story. All with terribly elementary spanish. Imagine you 4 year old explain the history of Thanksgiving to you. That was me tonight at dinner.
Then of course the start of my wonderful day began when Jorge explained that we were going to mingle with other trainees, teachers, and other staff persons. You know, it doesn't sound so bad until you take into account three facts. 1) Half of the conversations were in spanish. 2) My spanish skills are bajo bajo. 3) My overwhelming fear of talking to new people in new situations about things I don't understand.

After these interactions, I was feeling a bit out of my element and a little drained. It was 10 AM. Meet and chat was followed by health class. Health class is always fun and entertaining. But today we had tiny group projects. They like to get us to do these to teach us how to teach. Which is cool and all. Fast forward about 15/20 minutes. It is my groups turn to present. I have the poster we made. I walk up there expecting others from the group to join.
No one.
(oh sh*. what the beans? i feel tears. oh no.) "I can't read upside down. (someone, please, get up here. if i talk i will burst out into tears.)
A few years later (really like a second) a couple trainees come up. At this point the paper is in front of my face. Dirk help hold the paper as I wipe the tears off my face. I don't know if anyone else saw me crying. Dirk may not have even really known. I am still unsure of who the other person was the came up to present.

When we were done, I left class for a few minutes to regain my composure. The last time I cried because I had talk in front of a group of people I was 16, drama class, monologue from Shakespeares "Much Ado About Nothing".
That is all the fun from today. Mas o menos.

I just learned the translation for "nevermind." No importa . . . that was fun to try to explain . . . should have just looked in the dictionary. whoops.

BTW: No spellcheck. It is in spanish. Lo siento.

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  1. God is changing you from the inside out. What an amazing experience. My committment to you is to pray for you every morning when I take the dogs out. Love you, miss you. Stay safe. Lorena