Monday, May 10

9 May 2010

There is a new sense of accomplishment when you hand wash your own clothes for the first time. Today I had that experience. It was much easier than I thought it would be initially, though it is awkward having to hang my under garments on the roof for all to see. My favorite part was attempting to wash my jeans. I don’t think I conserved any water while rinsing them. Soap is does not want to come out of those suckers. The funniest part of the experience was attempting to wash a new purse I bought last week. It had stained my khakis so I thought a good washing would solve the problem. The purse is bright pink. The second I dumped water on it pink began to seep all over the pila. The more water I put on it, the more pink. I tried soap which only made it worse. The best part is that my hands turned hot pink!!

My host dad came over. He was like “that’s not good”. Then called my host mom to come over who said some things I don’t understand, ran to get some salt, and told me to soak it for at least thirty minutes. I could not help laughing when I noticed that no matter how much I washed my hands, they were staying pink. They didn’t find it as funny.

My purse is soaking. My undergarments are on the roof. My hands are pink. But I washed my own clothes.

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Last night I had my first Guatemala Fiesta. My host cousin turned 15. It was one heck of a party. We danced from 7:30ish until 11.

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