Thursday, October 15


Sometimes I pretend the bird is watching the fish. Then I also find myself watching the fish. If you don't know what I am "talking" about then you read this via email and may not have ever actually gone to, which is okay. But I think that you should. I have good music playing, cute backgrounds, and fish. I have fish, most because there is this "ABSOLUTELY NO PET" policy at my apt. I also have these really adorable buttons on my blog.

I don't know if will be "able" to handle another day of silence. I guess I don't have to since I have a doctor's apt in the morning, mostly for Peace Corps related stuff. I am still not really sure how I feel about antibiotics. There is a lot in that statement. And, no, I will not unpack it at this time. I don't really want to talk. (that part is a joke).

I like how "apt" can mean apartment and appointment. Now that I am thinking about it "appt" is for appointment. Either way, I mntn English is a living language thus I can abbreviate however I want. It will be nice when I am able to breathe again.

Facebook provoked laughter in me today, that typically happens when I take a quiz. That's it. I'm done with that thought.

I am super hungry, I think.

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  1. Your quizes have been "interesting". Breathe better soon. If they give you antibiotics, take them! That means you need them. You just said you want to breathe and talk. Do what the doc says!! We miss you. Tired of you being in quarantine. :)