Thursday, September 24

Travelling and Rebellion

So I travel often and I am still amazing how quickly life goes back. Just 24 hrs. ago I was in my brother's living room saying "bye" to him, Monica, Makhi, and my mom. Now I am home, blogging in my PJ's. I worked all evening and saw a movie. It was strange to be gone. Life doesn't stand still. Even with being away from my "hometown" for 5 years, things are still the same. It was an odd sense of deja vu. A familiar comfort, yet slightly foreign. I left. I changed. Yet life in Southern Illinois remained the same. Aside from some settle minor surprises. I guess I did not realize how much I have changed over the last 5 years. Like building a road, off a 1/4 inch here and 5 miles later you have a huge problem. Sometimes an inch is a mile.

My feet look old tonight.

I want to be a different kind of rebel. I don't want that dangerous habit that you (people) are shocked to discover. I do not want a naughty secret lurking the mist. I would rather shock people with love, grace, and forgiveness like the Amish community did a few years back when that man killed those girls. Instead of foul language to capture their attention, why not edifying words and bring life, peace, and joy? I like not regretting doing rebellious, sinful things. I am glad I did not light up a cig after that minor accident at the mall. I am glad I did not get a Seven & Seven when that silly thought lingered. I am far from perfect, but I do not need to be bad to be fabulous, wonderful, amazing, fantastic, lovely, worthy, interesting, exciting, fun, adorable, confident, accomplished. All I need is the Lord. He does the rest. I do not want to overstep his authority to satisfy the flesh. God's laws are logical. Therefore, it makes sense to follow them. The Creator knows what is good for the creation.

I want a cat.

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  1. Good for you, Nev! :) ...and don't get a cat because then my eyes will swell up everytime I come see (plus I'm sure you can't take a cat with you to the peace corps.)