Monday, August 17

When God says, "Go". . .

The best option is the move in the direction one is to go. Just an observation. On the same hand, when God says, "Don't Go", I find it best to stay put. I know, I am profound. Genius even.

But want I really want to talk about it is the nectar of life.


More specifically Arabica coffee beans. Right now I am really into Sumatra. Delicious. Of course freshly ground. Then add a spoonful of brown sugar and some milk...yum. I bought a new bag last night. I buy it at Wal-Mart because I tend to think of it while I am there. Silly, I know, with Starbucks being 1/4 mile closer to my apartment. Either way, they only had French Roast in whole bean. I am also picky on what brand it is. So far the only good brand from Wal-Mart has been the Starbucks brand. (Yes, I know, I should just get it at Starbucks.) I was sad to see Sumatra not in whole bean. I am willing to admit I am a coffee snob. This is something I have come to accept.

In fact, I am fairly "snobby" about many things.

Bed sheets-atleast 400-thread count
Toilet Paper-over the top
Laundry soap-Arm and Hammer, Tide or Cheer
Vegetables-must be fresh (or flash frozen and then steamed) and no butter
Bread-whole wheat, no high fructose corn syrup
Running shoes-Saucony Pro-grid Omni size 11.5 (mens)

It is not that I will refuse to use something if I don't prefer it. But if I have the priviledge to choose what I want, I will. If the option I prefer is not there, the world is not over, I simply have to do or choose something else. If the choice is no coffee or bad coffee, I will choose no coffee. If the choice is no coffee, bad coffee, or good coffee, I will choose good coffee. I recognize it is a priviledge to have 400-thread count sheets, but I would deal if I could only afford 180-thread count sheets. I would have to sleep in pants, socks, and long sleeves, however. Perhaps that is all for tonight.

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