Friday, April 3


What is a miracle? How do we know?

According to Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli, "A miracle is a striking and religiously significant intervention of God in the system of natural cause."
This presuppose the idea that there is a natural order, or that nature is "self-contained". There cannot be an exception without an order. Not that miracles are contradictions. Kreeft and Tacelli claim contradictions are meaningless. I am inclined to agree.
Believing in miracles also presupposes that there is a miracle-maker, or a higher power. Someone who can interrupt the natural order of life. If miracles cannot or do not happen then how can we have Christianity? The resurrection is a miracle as is the incarnation and salvation.

"If the author can create the play, he can change it too." (Thus a miracle.)

I have been reading this book, "Handbook of Christian Apologetics". I had read this chapter on miracles a few days ago. Last night miracles came up in conversation. The question I was left with pondering was "Is the birth of a baby a miracle?" "Is human life a miracle?"

Before you get upset that I would ask that question, I want you to know that I believe that human life is sacred and special. Human life is far different that animal or plant life. We have souls. We have an afterlife. Animals and plants do not. But does this make human life a miracle?

I wonder what others say.

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